Home > Discussion Forums > Ecommerce Sites for Sale >Hoverboards / Smart Boards Dropshipping Business for Sale. The state is prohibiting hoverboards from July 1 till they meet strict new security standards. Truth be told – while it’s rather simple to become used to, riding a self balancing scooter is safe when proper measures are taken and when common sense is exercised. Our segways¬†have passed stringent quality testing and we’ve worked with engineers to tweak our glides to be better than everything else on offer.

Got mine this morning and its definitely worth it if you into gadgets. There are new models released on the market in 2017, and we wanted to be the first to showcase them to our customers and to everybody who attended the event,” Nirmal Pandya, the company spokesperson said. Batteries and battery-control systems that hoverboards must meet in order to be sold in.

Related circuits, and pose a severe fire risk to WA homes,” Mr Mischin said. When I got home from my first trip out of doors yesterday I was a little troubled by the battery light having changed from green to red after less than an hour, and I had found the scooter to be more sensitive to bumps and twigs and stones than I had expected from my indoor practice.

Specifically, the ACCC’s investigation found there are fire safety risks from defective charging devices, electrical circuitry and substandard lithium-ion batteries in hoverboards. Mr Godfrey said there were several things people purchasing the hoverboards needed to know about, for example, battery charge time and the long distance claim.

Also keep in mind often time’s police may use none existent or misapplied laws to try and force you off of a hoverboard. So long as one exercises common sense and doesn’t try to ride it in a crowded mall/where regular skateboards aren’t allowed/try to deliver the next round after a few ales on it (where you’re likely going to have trouble boarding it anyway, spilling the drinks), I can’t find the issue.

Fair Trading has made contact with companies supplying these devices in NSW to acquire detailed specifications of the devices and make a technical evaluation of their design and manufacture, particularly in relation to electrical safety,” a spokesperson told The New Daily. I truly do think considerable discretion is required in their use, but sadly I fear that lots of young lunatics won’t exercise it. That will spoil things for the discerning.

The ACCC investigation will assess whether the hoverboards will or may lead to injury to consumers and whether any regulatory action may be required,” ‘Dwyer said. You might also hoverboards australia contact your retailer or manufacturer to confirm whether the product has been tested and whether or not it meets the requirements specified in the mandatory safety standard.

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